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Just-Ice ‎– Greatest Hits … So Far (2008) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2008, Just-Ice , , 10.09.2015
Just-Ice - Greatest Hits... So Far

Brooklyn-born Just-Ice was among the first to call himself a gangsta MC, even though there was no violence in his lyrics. Inspired by a Melle Mel show, Just began rhyming in his early teens, buying his first rhyme from a friend for $3. His first album, Back to the Old School, was released in 1986 on Fresh/Sleeping Bag Records and pointed to a new direction in hip-hop. However, as more and more MCs followed down the gangsta path, Just-Ice went with a more hardcore, straight-up hip-hop style and was one of the first MCs to use ragamuffin-style toasting from dancehall reggae. Just was also one of the first MCs to employ Five-Percenter rhetoric in his rhymes. Even with production by artists such as Mantronik, KRS-One, and Grandmaster Flash and with seven albums under his belt, Ice still never achieved the commercial success of many of his peers.


1 Cold Getting Dumb
2 Back To The Old School
3 Turbo Charged
4 Goin Way Back
5 Moshitup
6 Put That Record Back On
7 That Girl Is A Slut
8 Original Gangster Of Hip Hop
9 The Desolate One
10 Latoya
11 Cold Getting Dumb II
12 Freedom Of Speech
13 Freeflow
14 Lip Service

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