Lord Sear / Stak Chedda ‎- Alcoholic Vibes / My Hindu Love (VLS) (1997) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Lord Sear Stak Chedda Side B

These tracks are on some ol casual shit, to listen to when youre out on your porch (balcony, fire escape, whatever) soaking in the summer heat. The songs are about nothing in particular…but what sets these tracks apart is that they feel cozy. The flow matches the beat uncannily in both cases whether its the insistent high hat on Alcoholic Vibes or the singing/sighing girl sample on My Hindu Love. The confort of these tracks indicates the chillness of these brothers. The shit is still fun for them, and it shows.


A1 –Lord Sear Alcoholic Vibes (Dirty)
A2 –Lord Sear Alcoholic Vibes (Instrumental)
B1 –Stak Chedda My Hindu Love (Dirty)
B2 –Stak Chedda My Hindu Love (Instrumental)
B3 –Stak Chedda Tony Randall Stop Jerking Off


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320 kbps –   |  Datafile

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