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Moka Only – Magikal Weirdness (WEB) (2015) (320 kbps)

2015, Canada, Moka Only 03.09.2015

Moka Only - Magickal Weirdness

As previously reported, Vancouver rap wizard Moka Only promised to show us an epic display of his Magickal Weirdness this summer. A mage of his word, Moka’s officially made his latest audiobook of spells go live today (July 17), via his new Beautiful Records imprint and Urbnet.

In addition to the previously revealed two-stepper “No,” the West Coast martian has let loose another 31 tracks that range from the smooth and jazzy “Light of Your Life,” to the ’90s throwback-styled crate-digger quest “Chicanery,” to the space age keyboard groover, “Cosmology.


01. No
02. Light Of Your Life
03. I Got Shit To Do
04. Somethin Or Nothin’
05. Say A Little Somethin
06. Movin
07. Um Yeah Hey
08. Ain’t It Somethin’ Doe
09. Chicanery
10. We Never Think
11. Startin’ Out
12. Don’t Worry
13. Away To You
14. Speak My Spell
15. Do You Know How To Rock
16. Delux Edition
17. More Rugged feat. Grand Puba
18. Just Dwell
19. Hit The Nail
20. Fishin
21. Lemmee Haz
22. Make It Last
23. Its Practice
24. Cosmology
25. This Path Is Pivotal
26. The Only One
27. Watch Us Go
28. Nothin To Me
29. Steppin In The Sunset
30. Holy Shit
31. Lettuce
32. Like..Totally


320 kbps –  |  Datafile

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