Mystic – Cuts For Luck And Scars For Freedom (CD) (2001) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Cuts For Luck And Scars For Freedom

Mystic is the one folks have been waiting for. The Bay Area singer/rapper exudes the kind of bona fide b-girl bravado that, underneath their macho posturing, very few male MCs can match. Not a holier-than-thou granola dreamer, Mystic is a rhyme rebel who assesses harsh realities unflinchingly, with nerve and tenderness at the same time. She’s a skilled MC, as evidenced by the intricate wordplay and cadences that she showcases on hardcore cautionary tales such as “The Gottas.” She’s also a great singer, with a smoky alto that captures lovesickness on “You Say, I Say.” Cuts for Luck and Scars for Freedom is low-key and lush, with production by Left Coast luminaries such as the Angel and A-Plus. This album is b-womanhood at its best.


1. Intro
2. Ghetto Birds
3. Neptune’s Jewels
4. The Gottas
5. The Life
6. Once A Week
7. Dave Ghetto
8. Forever And A Day
9. D Boy
10. You Say, I Say
11. A Dream
12. W (featuring Planet Asia)
13. Fallen Angels
14. Girlfriend Sistagirl
15. Fatherless Child
16. O.K. Alright
17. Spoken Peace
18. Destiny Complete


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  1. I love Good Vibe records, never heard this one. Thanks!

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