No Surrender – White Power Black Magic (CD) (2003) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

White Power Black Magic

Back in 2003 No Surrender released debut LP White Power, Black Magic. Why has it been such a long time between the two releases?
We recorded that a long time ago. Back then the New York scene was a whole lot different. There was a lot of alternative hip-hop already and the acid-punk scene was just being born at the time. There was a lot of indie music out and I think we put that record out at the end of an era. Alternative hip-hop was on its way out, tempos were getting a lot faster and the dance influence started injecting itself into alternative music. We have kept that record out of print for a reason. We’ve been thinking about remixing the entire record and putting it back out but we wanted to see how Medicine Babies did first. We did get a little bit of acclaim out of that record which is pretty much what kept us afloat. So, part of the reason for why it took us so long between albums was that things changed drastically in the New York music scene. We actually did make another album which we completely scrapped. We didn’t feel that the timing was right and we thought that we were kind of rushing the record. We didn’t really have the time and we do like to make a record organically rather than sending files back and forth, so we would do it when Steeples was in town and we’d record as much as we could and then he’d leave. It was just a really rushed project and we weren’t feeling it was our best work by any means. I think we might let that one simmer a bit and down the track, get back in and remix that one as well.


1 Spellcast
2 Winter Remembers
3 Capable
4 Drains (Featuring Creature)
5 Paratroopers
6 Pyramid
7 God Bless America (Featuring Mike Ladd)
8 Power Magik (Featuring Rob Sonic)
9 Dreamer (Scratches by DJ Fred Ones)
10 Silvermane
11 Emerald Cities
12 Untitled


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