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Paradigm – The Progress Report (CD) (2000) (FLAC + 320 kbps)


01. Bugged Intro
02. Mainstream Garbage
03. Phone Balls
04. The Battle Joint
05. Symphonic
06. Leverage Intro
07. Leverage
08. 42 Dimensional Intro
09. 42 Dimensional
10. To The Dark Side
11. Gates Of Eternity
12. Life And Death
13. Vibrations
14. Late Night
15. Changing Of The Seasons
16. Formulate A Cipher
17. Questions
18. Deliverance Intro
19. Deliverance (feat. Xtracts Of Slang)
20. The Slang Is On Intro
21. The Slang Is On (feat. Xtracts Of Slang)
22. The Slang Is On Outro
23. Thoughts (feat. Xtracts Of Slang)
24. Buffalo Freestyle


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