Scienz Of Life – Scienz Of Life (Metaphysic) / 2000 And What To Expect! (VLS) (1997) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Scienz Of Life A Side

Trio who incorporate smooth jazz into their hip-hop. Employing conscience lyrics and staying true to their underground base, Scienz of Life breathe life into hip-hop that has been compromised by commercialism. Don’t sleep.


Intergalactic Side
A1 Scienz Of Life (Metaphysic) (Clean)
A2 Scienz Of Life (Metaphysic) (Instrumental)
Federation Side
B1 2000 And What To Expect! (Clean)
B2 2000 And What To Expect! (Instrumental)
B3 Da Powers Of Nine Ether (Intergalactic Remix) (Bonus Joint) (feat. Skit Slam)


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320 kbps –   |  Datafile

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