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St. Lunatics – St. Lunatics EP (CD) (1998) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1998, St. Lunatics 18.09.2015

St. Lunatics - St. Lunatics Ep

Before they discover their personal winning formula, rappers often go through different images and outfits. Cam’ron and Mase, then known as Killa Cam and Mase Murder, formed Children of the Corn with the late Bloodshed, Snoop, Nate and Warren G made up Long Beach’s 213, Naughty By Nature put out an album as The New Style, etc. Once they hit it big, these stars rarely ever change back to their unsuccessful former incarnations. Not so Nelly. Even while becoming one of rap music’s fastest rising stars in 2000, he made it clear that his loyalty was with his crew, the St. Lunatics. Now there are certainly many up-and-coming rappers who vow they’re gonna put their crew on once they make it. Only a few are able to keep that promise, and in most cases it takes them years to put their plans into action. But after Nelly’s multi-platinum debut, the people at Universal reacted quickly and put out a St. Lunatics album less than a year after “Country Grammar”. While “Free City” is rightfully considered the St. Lunatics debut album, the group actually put out an independent EP as early as 1998 (re-issued in 2001 as ‘Nelly and the St. Lunatics’).

Even this self-titled EP followed almost two years after the St. Lunatics made their initial splash with the single “Gimmie What You Got”, which received massive local airplay in 1996. The group had a deal with D2 Entertainment, a St. Louis studio/label venture owned by twin brothers David and Darren Stith. But when neither a second regional hit (“Who’s the Boss”) made it happen for them, they started looking for new connections, eventually hooking up with the then Mase manager, who convinced them to single Nelly out and shop him to major labels. Sure enough, in 1999 Nelly signed to Universal Records, on condition that they also sign the St. Lunatics as a group.


1 Chapter 1
2 Who’s the Boss?
3 Gimme What U Got (Remix)
4 Platinum +
5 Platinum + (Remix)
6 Sticky Now
7 Gimme What U Got


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