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The Jacka – The Jack Artist (CD) (2005) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2005, The Jacka 07.09.2015

The Jacka - The Jack Artist

The Jack Artist is the second solo album by Rapper The Jacka. The album was The Jacka’s first album to be released on his independent label “The Artist Records” and was sold “Straight out of the trunk” and sold incredible amounts of units. Fellow Mob Figaz member Husalah makes four appearances on the album.

“The Jack Artist” could very well be the best album dropped this year. What makes Jacka’s sophomore album so good is the mix of honesty and reality found in his rhymes with Rob Lo’s impeccable production. Some of you ignorant purists and self-proclaimed “heads” may be dismissing Jacka already as just another gangsta rapper from Cali. Such an approach is ignorant in more ways that one. For one, some of rap’s best music has been “gangsta music”, including albums by greats like Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Mobb Deep, and Biggie. The second reason Jacka should be given a chance is that he’s not your average gangsta rapper. Though a “gangsta” by most people’s standards, Jacka displays remorse, understanding, and motivation to change – all qualities which are true rarities in today’s rap game. Those qualities, by the way, would probably knock a few years off a sentence or help secure earlier parole. If somehow your rap play list has more stringent standards than a federal judge, then maybe the fact that Jacka has Cormega’s seal of approval may be enough to get you open.


01. Never Blink (feat. J Stylin & dub 20)
02. Iller Clip
03. Get Out There (feat. Roblo)
04. Standing by Starz (feat. Fedx)
05. Barney (More Crime) Remix (feat. Cormega & Rydah)
06. Girls Say
07. Lookin’ At It (feat. Yukmouth & Keak Da Sneak)
08. Sometimes I (feat. Mob Figgaz)
09. Never Equal (feat. Amp Pacino)
10. Feel This Clip
11. Really Dope (feat. dub 20 & Husalah)
12. Delicate Lifestyle (feat. Trueq & Husalah)
13. Turned Out (Action) (feat. Akata)
14. Blind World (feat. Husalah)
15. Drugged Out (feat. Fedx)
16. Hey Girl Remix (feat. Husalah)
17. Won’t Break Me (feat. Lil Ric)
18. Kuran
19. Barney (More Crime)


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