The Wiseguys – Executive Suite (1996) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Emigrés from the British underground hip-hop scene, Wiseguys Touché and Regal made some of the most intense productions in the world of upfront big-beat techno. Releasing their material on Wall of Sound Records (also home to Propellerheads and Les Rythmes Digitales), the duo recorded a pair of albums as well as numerous EPs and singles. The duo met up while at college and connected via their mutual affinities for rap and DJing. Regal, already a member of a hip-hop collective known as Direct Current, invited Touché to join. The pair began recording on their own as well and after leaving Direct Current in 1992, released tracks on Blackmarket International including the Wiseguys’ debut, 1994’s Ladies Say Ow! EP. Wall of Sound released the duo’s first album Executive Suite in 1996. After Regal left for other projects, Touché released the quasi-solo album The Antidote. The single “Ooh La La” became a huge breakbeat party anthem, sampled by movie soundtracks, cable channels and sports stadiums around the world.

01 Intro
02 Casino Sans Pareil
03 The Sound You Hear
04 Room Service
05 We Keep On (feat. Sense Live)
06 Nil By Mouth
07 Trailblazing
08 Cromwell Street
09 Sweet Baby Truth (feat. Sense Live & Tito-T)
10 Poontang
11 The Gemeni IV Incident
12 Caribbean Breeze (feat. Joie Bunsen & Season)
13 Water
14 Dust You Off
15 Too Easy
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