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VA – Battleaxe Warriors Compilation (CD) (2000) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2000, Various Artists 03.09.2015

Battleaxe Warriors Compilation

One of the most desirable things about underground hip-hop has been the diversity of places it originates from. Most (if not all) of the MCs on this compilation are from Vancouver, British Columbia, including artists such as Moka Only, LMNO, Buc Fifty, and the Swollen Members (a duo composed of MadChild and Prevail). The music’s a unique blend of breaks and jazzy background samples, with some of the best MCs to ever hail from Canada laying down the lyrics. Extra attention should be paid to MadChild’s verses, his skill with words is exceptional. This is the second compilation like this from Battle Axe Records, the first was released in 1999 entitled Defenders of the Underworld.


01. Cut Father, Mad Child, Buc Fifty – Go For Mine
02. Buc Fifty – Puttin’ Check Down
03. Mr. Brady – Let My Record Rotate
04. Moka Only – Team Work (Feat. LMNO)
05. Swollen Members – Camouflage
06. Buc Fifty – Still Getting Over
07. Mr. Brady – Summer Lightning (Feat. Swollen Members)
08. Moka Only – Rolling Along (Feat. Abstract Rude)
09. LMNO – Elbow Room
10. Swollen Members – Deep End
11. LMNO – Head Lock (Feat. MadLib)
12. Buc Fifty, Freestyle, MadChild, Prevail – Planet Alignment
13. Mr. Brady – Mudslide
14. Moka Only – Dawn Light
15. LMNO, MadChild – Proper Reaction
16. Moka – OnlyCrunch (Feat. Swollen Members)
17. LMNO – Street Wise


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  1. @JV read:

    Legendary Head Lock on this one! Do you also have Defenders of the Underworld? That is sick compilation too. Peace

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