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VA – Latino Gangster Rappers (CD) (1999) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Latino Gangster Rappers - TRAPP

Despite the fact that it plays fast and loose with the definition of “Latino” — Biggie Smalls and Makaveli (aka 2Pac) were not Latin, nor is Detroit white boy Eminem — Deff Trapp’s Latino Gangster Rappers is overall a pretty good sampling of hardcore Latino hip-hop, featuring cuts by Big Punisher (“Still Not a Player”), Fat Joe (“Bet Your Man Can’t”), South Park Mexican (“Holla At Cha Later”), D’Linquent Habits (“Here Comes the Homies”), Frost (“Rock On”) and Cypress Hill (“Windows of My Room”)… a pretty enjoyable listen, both for fans of the genre and for the curious. Latino Gangster Rappers was also released in a “clean” version, which contained no profanity or vulgarities.


1 Big Punisher – Still Not A Player
2 Fat Joe – Bet Your Man Can’t
3 Fat Pat – Holla At Cha Later (feat. Chicken Hawk, D Gotti, Double D, South Park Mexican, Tyte Eyes)
4 D’Linquent Habits – Here Comes The Homies
5 Frost – Rock On
6 Eminem – Just Don’T Give A Fxxx
7 Cypress Hill – Windows Of My Room
8 New Bones – Real Wit-It
9 DJ Trigger – Same Ni**er
10 Trapp – All About My Paper
11 Trapp – Screw Me For You
12 Biggie Smalls & Makavelli – Red Light
13 Unknown Artist – Bonus Track
14 Unknown Artist – Bonus Track
15 Unknown Artist – Bonus Track


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