YoungBloodZ – Against Da Grain (CD) (1999) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Against da Grain is a collection of dance club-ready anthems packed with familiar ghetto boasts and party grooves. The Atlanta, GA-based duo YoungBloodZ employs guitar-driven tracks layered with pulsing bass rhythms and laid-back beats to complement their easily plied Southern-drawl rap attacks. The production crew on this release includes worthy contributions from the Attic and the Dungeon Family, conglomerates of local rappers and producers providing beats and backing rhymes. While this makes for a homegrown project certain to please fans of the Southern bounce sound, it also creates an abundance of sound-alike tracks, making this debut relatively indistinguishable from other recordings out of the same region.


01. Youngbloodz (Intro) (Gp’s Interlude)
02. Shakem’ Off
03. Pop, Pop, Pop (Cuttin’ Tonight Interlude)
04. 85 (Billy Dee Interlude) (featuring Big Boi)
05. U-Way (How We Do It)
06. Hot Heat (featuring Bone Crusher & Backbone)
07. 6 to 14 in 12
08. Down Heya (In the South)
09. Thangs Movin’ Slow
10. It’s the Money (Fake ID Interlude)
11. Booty Club Playa
12. 87 Fleetwood
13. Get It How We Get It (Splack-Interlude) (featuring Leroo Willams)
14. Just a Dream
15. U-Way (How We Do It) [Remix] (featuring Lil Wayne)


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