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B. Dolan – The Failure (CD) (2008) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2008, B. Dolan 25.10.2015

B. Dolan - The Failure

The opus that started it all. Conceived and produced over a period of 8 years, “The Failure” has been described by critics alternately as a ‘fascinating objet d’art,’ ‘flawless’ and ‘foreboding.’ It’s a polarizing album; fans are often either turned off by it’s rawness or devoted to it with cult-like reverence.

Dolan has described “The Failure” as the “raw brain download,” made without any consideration of commercial success, audience, or ‘accessibility.’ “This is the album I needed to make if I died when it was over and only got to make one… this contains my DNA.” It is meant to be listened to in one sitting, front to back, as a complete concept and progression.

Stand-out tracks have stood the test of time on their own however, including “Heart Failure,” which features Sage Francis and marked Dolan’s first collaboration with Alias. Tracks like “Joan of Arcadia,” “The Skycycle Blues,” and “Kate” have also made lifelong fans of many, and established Dolan as a voice to be reckoned with.


01 – Generator
02 – Still Electric
03 – Knock Knock
04 – Heart Failure (Feat. Sage Francis)
05 – The Skycycle Blues
06 – Return To The Air
07 – Joan Of Arcadia
08 – Bombzo For Baghdad
09 – The Crow On The Riddle (Feat. Between the Pine)
10 – ‘You Seem Strange…’
11 – Love Will Survive
12 – Kate
13 – Breakadoom
14 – Young Americans (Feat. Sole)
15 – Junk Poetry
16 – The Scorpion Arrives (Finale)


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320 kbps – Datafile

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