Count Bass D & DJ Pocket – Activity (CD) (2010) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Count Bass D and DJ Pocket - Activity

Count Bass D and DJ Pocket present Activity, their third full release of the year The duo goes all out, boasting a cast of raw emcees over a seemingly endless supply of trunk-rattling production. Featured guest include J-Live, John Robinson, J-Rawls, Flux (Binkis), H2O, Clan Destined, Eddie Meeks, Senor Kaos and many more.


1. …Guess This (Feat. H2O)
2. Serious Knock (Feat. FluxWonderBat & H2O)
3. Set It Off (Feat. Methuzulah, DT & Big Vision)
4. The Bump (Feat. FluxWonderBat & H2O)
5. Stand Back (Let the Heat Go) (Feat. Hot Sause, H2O, B.A. & FluxWonderBat)
6. Is It Real (Feat. Cashmere the Pro)
7. Who Gone Ride Wit Me (Feat. H2O)
8. Old National J’s
9.. Y’all Seem to Think (This Is Some Kinda Joke)
10. It Ain’t Never Enough
11. Gift with the Grand (Feat. John Robinson, Senor Kaos, Eddie Meeks, H2O, J-Live & FluxWonderBat)
12. For You Pops (Feat. Rayna Shine)
13. Keep on Yappin’ (Feat. Dent)
14. Crack
15. Life’s a Blessin’ (Feat. Clan Destined & Tony Vegas)
16. One Song (Feat. Senor Kaos, FluxWonderBat, John Robinson, J-Live, Eddie Meeks, H2O & J. Rawls)


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