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Dave Ghetto – Love Life? (CD) (2005) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2005, Dave Ghetto 10.10.2015

Dave Ghetto - Love Life

New on Counterflow. Riding on the Plantlife wave of appreciation comes emcee Dave Ghetto. ‘Love Life?’ is straight out of the early Mos Def’ school (around the time of ‘Universal Magnetic’) but with an rnb influence. Heads that be down with early Mos who also dig Plantlife will love this album, a choice selection of boombeat soulful head knod tracks alongside more live sounding jams. Thirteen tracks with vocal guest spots from Phonte (Little Brother), Mystic, Basic Vocab, Cee-Lo Green, Fantab, Fel Sweetenberg, L Dorado, Yan Zarah and Plantlife’s Jack Splash & Dena Deadly. Quality material.

The world is a ghetto, just like the 70s band War used to say. We live in a global neighborhood where there are more ghettos in the world than upper-class enclaves, sleepy suburban tract homes and middle-class row houses combined. Dave Ghetto repping Camden, New Jersey brings forth his solo debut. “Love Life?” is warm and filled with real soul while still keeping the subject matter raw and gritty much like the city that produced this witty wordsmith. The musical backdrop and features are provided by Tony Galvin, Denaun Porter (D12), 9th Wonder, Square, Cee-Lo Green, Phonte of Little Brother, Mystic, YahZarah , each bringing their talents adding to the classic sound of “Love Life?” as a whole cohesive unit. His album is already being compared to many classics, reconfirmed by many features in magazines. “Love Life?” caters to EVERYONE. This album is not targeted to one niche, IT IS MUSIC and already getting huge acclaim: • “Dave Ghetto is street, lyrical, floetic, and brings me home to the game naturally” – Fat Joe • “DG brings me back to the HIP HOP I love to produce, Heads will be bobing.” – Just Blaze • “Dave Ghetto is simply the truth…this is what hip hop needs…dope beat wit dope lyrics…this went into my rotation from day 1” – DJ Jazzy Jeff • “Dave Ghetto is one of the flyest emcees I know. Some rappers (like Jigga & Mos) are just soooo natural and Dave is definitely one of those emcees. Whether he’s uplifting the young cats with one of his classic stories or just making a party jam he’s always so finesse about it. I wish hip hop had more emcees like Dave!!!” – Jack Splash of Plantlife • “Dave is part of what’s good with Hip-Hop. It’s been a long time coming but he has arrived with styles that remind me why I love this craft.” – Mystic


01. Coming up (feat. Erik Rico)
02. Day in and day out
03. Static
04. Spread the light
05. Struggle (feat. Yazarah)
06. Hey young world pt.2 (feat. Phonte & Mystic)
07. The game
08. Fly that head (feat. Basic Vocab)
09. Hey young world pt.1
10. Ready for way
11. That’s that joint
12. Groupie sex (feat. Cee-lo Green)
13. Ride out jawn (feat. Jack Splash & Dena Deadly)


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