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Def Tex – Thanks But No Thanks (2007) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2007, Def Tex, UK 20.10.2015 ”Is this their third album? If not, then more, either way these guys have been going for 20 years as a group and that’s surely unprecedented in certainly the UK scene. This album is nothing unexpected in a way, with more organic, well craft backdrops and rhythmical bouncy delivered rhymes. It’s Def Tex and you should be well aware of what they’re about.

Kicking off with the punchy previously released single, “What The?” it’s clear from the off that Def Tex are still about what they’ve always been about. From the piano narrative of “Run” feat. DPF to the big-beat Friday night eye-spy of “Freaks”. All the way through, bass, drums and keys take a front row seat allowing the Tex to create sounds and rhythms that are out reach of the more traditional Hip-hop producer. The Anthropologist & Chrome deliver their tongue twisting, double timed switch ups as they’ve been doing for the last 2 decades.

With the energy coming from this album exposing how much this lot still must enjoy their music, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are still releasing albums when they’re old and grey. However, my compliant with “Thanks But No Thanks” is that it’s just more of the same from Def Tex. That’s not to say this makes the album void of any character, but sometimes it would be nice to hear Def Tex take on something a little new. The saving grace however is that Def Tex are so different from the majority of Hip-hop being spewed out by the modern day machine, that it has it’s place in your collection.”

1 What The?
2 Thanks But No Thanks
3 These Days Featuring – Paul Clarke
4 Freaks
5 Sands Of Time
6 Bomber
7 Village Idiot Featuring – Dandelion
8 Late Saturday Night Joint Featuring – DJ Ju-E Of The Fully Grown Men
9 Crazy Dog
10 Run Featuring – DPF
11 Time Lord Featuring – DJ Tags Of The Fully Grown Men
12 Rappers
13 Tempest

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