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E Jake – Wu Raised Me (WEB) (2015) (320 kbps)

2015 22.10.2015

E Jake - Wu Raised Me

“Born in ’89 but I’ll be 36 forever.” That is the bold line off of the smooth, melodic track entitled ’36 Forever’ by rhyme fanatic E Jake. It is one of the lead singles from his upcoming 26-track album called “Wu Raised Me,” which is set for an October 19th release date. The project is heavily influenced by the hard-hitting, head bopping sounds of the super Rap group The Wu-Tang Clan. E Jake chose this album name to display his appreciation of the group and to personify his skills on the mic. His mission is to honor the culture by carrying on the tradition of lyrical content, unique style, and underlining ambiguity throughout the entire production.

“36 Forever” refers to two of E-Jake’s favorite Wu albums, which are “Enter The Wu-Tang 36 Chambers” and “Wu-Tang Forever.” However, in drug and street jargon, the term ’36 forever’ means to keep it 1000% raw, real and authentic. Hence, you see the ambiguity. E Jake’s unique rap style is highlighted on the second verse of the song as he creatively name drops all original nine members of the Wu as well as the 7 original members of his independent Boston, MA based entertainment label, Power House Movement. As far as original lyrical content goes E Jake talks about the streets and Trap life without using profanity.


01. Wu Raised Me
02. Sandwich Bags
03. Mr E Entertainment
04. Wilderness
05. Kim iCall
06. Ice Cream (Freestyle) feat. Jay Boston
07. Shaded Sun feat. Jay Boston
08. Stolen Land
09. 3 Stripes
10. Power
11. Righteous Savage
12. Da Ntro feat. AZ
13. Strollin
14. Startin 5 feat. Scrilla H, Jay Boston, Boston Fame & Class B
15. AA Meetings
16. Dat Paper
17. Talkin Bout feat. Corner Boy P
18. Sub Shop
19. H.B.R.A feat. Jadakiss & Jay Boston
20. Promise feat. King Louie
21. Reflect
22. Birds Singin
23. Sex in the Suburbs
24. Oath
25. Sword Sharp feat. Termanology
26. 36 Forever


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