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Eclipse-427 ‎- Eclipse-427 (Cassette) (1996) (320 kbps)

Eclipse 427

Bay Area-based rapper Walter Taylor aka Eclipse 427. He was a member of underground hip-hop group called Mixed Practice. The group’s life span ran only from 1993 to 1996, but they recorded a dope tape called “Homegrown” in 1995. After the group broke up, Eclipse took up management of some prominent artists from the west coast such as Planet Asia and Jake One, among others.


A1. Unda Age (Intro)
A2. El Centro
A3. Pressure Point
A4. Low Tide (Enter-lude)
A5. Who’s Next! (Ft. PeekAboo)
A6. Da Funk (Can Ya Smell It)
A7. Gamekeeper
A8. Chinese Food (Ft. Jua)

*Program repeats on both sides.


320 kbps – Datafile  |  

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