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Lightnin’ Rod ‎– Hustler’s Convention (1984) (320 Kbps)

1984, Lightnin' Rod 28.10.2015


1.Sport 2:36
2.Spoon 1:14
3.The Cafe Black Rose 1:47
4.Brother Hominy Grit 2:43
5.Coppin’ Some Fronts For The Set 2:24
6.Hamhock’s Hall Was Big (And There Was A Whole Lot To Dig!) 4:09
7.The Bones Fly From Spoon’s Hand 2:59
8.The Break Was So Loud, It Hushed The Crowd 3:12
9.Four Bitches Is What I Got 3:44
10.Grit’s Den 1:34
11.The Shit Hits The Fan Again 3:35
12.Sentenced To The Chair

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2 comments "Lightnin’ Rod ‎– Hustler’s Convention (1984) (320 Kbps)"

  1. @Flip-Mo read:

    Link get’s you to this…Lightnin Rod ft J.Hendrix & B.Miles – Hustler’s Convention (1992). Not the album?

    • @AliBoingo read:

      Flip Mo – it’s in The Real Rap.

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