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Madlib – Madlib Medicine Show No. 4: 420 Chalice All-Stars (CD) (2010) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2010, Madlib 16.10.2015

Madlib - Madlib Medicine Show No. 4  420 Chalice All Stars

Madlib follows Beat Konducta In Africa with the fourth installment of the Medicine Show series, “420 Chalice All Stars: All Jamaican Sounds.” Anyone familiar with Madlib knows his deep appreciation of the variety of music from Jamaica. Think back to his run through of the Trojan Records catalog, 2004’s “Blunted In The Bombshelter.” On “420 Chalice All Stars” all Jamaican flavors are evident, from the speedy ska of the mid 60s to the dark dub of the early 70s to the rollicking funk from some of Jamaica’s best known ensembles.


1. What Are the Medical Benefits of Smoking Marijuana?
2. What Are the Negative Risks of Smoking It?
3. What Alternatives Are There to Smoking?
4. Are a Lot of Pesticides on Pot?
5. Where Is All This Pot Coming From?
6. So What Does the Law Say About These Dispensaries and Their Various Pot Products?
7. How Much Pot Am I Allowed to Have at One Time?
8. How Do I Get a Prescription?
9. Will My Name End Up on Some DEA List?


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