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Mudkids – Upward (CD) (2000) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2000, Mudkids 13.10.2015


Mudkids have and are a main staple in underground hiphop throughout indiana and the surrounding regions. as the first rap group on surf records, they have grown to capture nationwide audiences.

Mudkids are probably best described as indie hip-hop embodied, with their first full-length LP entitled Upwards, most likely referring to their firm-rooted position in underground hip-hop. Most people will not like this album. The beats are tight, the content is great, yet the average listener will most likely find themselves scratching their heads at the end of each song wondering what happened in the last few minutes. Through in most of their songs their word delivery has few pauses forming a never-ending string of words, moving from one thought to another at an astounding pace. If one can force themselves to sit back and listen to this whole album with a good set of headphones, they’ll probably be impressed; yet if they were intending to ever play this as background boredom music, this isn’t the right album. It all just depends on how you like your rap music. If you like Grouch, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Jedi Mind Tricks, or People Under the Stairs, you’ll most likely be able to get down to this. ” – Brad Mills, Allmusic Guide


01. High Noon
02. Mk Hustle
03. Another Journey
04. The Ecosystem (balance of Nature)
05. Spirit Talkin
06. Prayer For Fire
07. Stimulate
08. Mudslidin (feat. Origin@l)
09. To Know Without Thinking (feat. Gnosis)
10. Ghost Story
11. Youth
12. 1,000,000 + 1
13. Thank Yo


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