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Pale Soul – Fear Is The Mind Killer (CD) (2003) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2003, Oldominion, Pale Soul 30.10.2015

[Pale soul] Fear is the mind killer

Pale Soul, a founding member of the Northwest’s Oldominion crew is an equally skilled MC and Producer. His self-produced debut solo LP showcases his talents as a complete songmaker. Pale is able to visualize a concept and construct a complete song, from start to finish. “Fear is the Mind Killer” is the total package from this well rounded artist who has developed his live show touring the country with his crew Oldominion and established talents like Swollen Members, The Micranots, and Anticon as well as performing with the likes of Blackalicious, Snoop Dogg and Casual from the legendary Hieroglyphics crew.

Pale Soul is an integral member of Oldominion, and the sound that emanates from his MPC is largely responsible for the dark, haunting, and spiritual feel of his crew’s music. At the same time, Pale is known for his street savvy and aggressive microphone personality, as well as for his harmonious cadences and hooks.

“Fear is the Mind Killer” is Pale Soul’s foray into the dark passages of the human brain. The album lets his crew get some shine and features among others, Onry Ozzborne, the Boom Bap Project, JFK, Snafu, and Toni Hill. It is the complete package. Love, hate, death, envy, and fear are all addressed in this album, it is literally a journey of thought and emotion.


02.Altered Species
03.FM Twister Fader
04.Out Of The Frame (feat. Sleep & JFK)
05.Brotherly Love (feat. Anaxagorus & NyQwil)
06.Shallow End (feat. Onry Ozzborn & NyQwil)
07.Vanity (feat. Sirens Echo)
08.Fear Is The Mind Killer (feat. Toni Hill)
09.AM Twister Fader
10.Want Beef? (feat. Snafu)
12.Sound Mind (feat. NyQwil)
13.Moon Raker (feat. Zelly Rock & NyQwil)
14.Passin’ Me (feat. JFK & Snafu)
15.My Soul (feat. Roosevelt)
16.Our First (feat. JFK & NyQwil)
17.Off The Chain (feat. D.O.S. & Snafu)


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320 kbps – Datafile

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