Poison Clan – Poisonous Mentality (CD) (1992) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Poison Clan - Poisonous Mentality

Poisonous Mentality goes to show that J.T. Money wasn’t truly in his element on 2 Low Life Muthas. The departure of his partner, Debonaire, to Home Team (“Pick It Up”) brought about a radical shift (a look at the album’s cover, depicting J.T. and his droogs escaping with a bag of loot, indicates this) from relatively lighthearted material to harder production and an endless flurry of expletives. Whether relating crude and often cruel sexual exploits or tales of criminal dirty work — often within the same song — it’s plain to see that the album has much less to do with J.T.’s desire to keep up with the times, and all to do with him coming into his own. The only full-on sop to the party crowd is “Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya” — featuring one of Luther Campbell’s delivered-while-on-the-can guest choruses — and it just happens to be one of the best of its kind. This is one of the toughest, meanest records to have come from the south, from one of the most sick-minded and hilarious MCs of the era. The fact that the album was an anomaly when compared to most of the others coming from Florida at the time has a lot to do with why it isn’t widely recognized as such.


01. JT’s Dream
02. Inside Edition
03. All They Good
04. Uzi Gets Shot
05. Action
06. Livin’ In The City
07. Raymond Up The Road
08. Fugitive
09. Ho’ Stories
10. JT’s Confession
11. I Hate Ho’s
12. Drugz Bullshittin’
13. Rough Nigga Getin’ Busy
14. The Tip On Madball
15. Some Shit I Used To Do
16. That Was Ram
17. Groove With The PC
18. JT Ole Boy
19. No Haps
20. Shake Whatcha’ Mama Gave Ya’
21. Big Nose
22. Somethin’ 4 You Raggedy Ho’s
23. Shorty T In Madball’s Basement
24. Shout Outs


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  1. que discaso siempre lo e querido tener

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