Roxanne Shanté – The Bitch Is Back (1992) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Brad Mills@allmusic: ”It’s hard to believe that Roxanne Shante was only 16 when she recorded “Roxanne’s Revenge” with legendary NY producer Marley Marl, and perhaps even more difficult to believe that she still sounds 16. Even as hip-hop evolves into a more vulgar, in-your-face style of music, Shante adapts and delivers the goods. Her latest effort proves that she can still rhyme among the best in the business, even going head to head with Kool G Rap with the track “Deadly Rhymes.” A battle record to the end, this album should go down in history as one of the best ever created by a female rap artist.”

1 Intro 4:09
2 Deadly Rhymes [Featuring] – Kool G Rap 2:57
3 Big Mama 5:15
4 Trick Or Treat 3:17
5 Gotta Be Free 4:25
6 Dance To This 4:40
7 Yes, Yes, Y’all 4:30
8 Straight Razor 4:13
9 Shanté Gets Wicked 4:34
10 Brothers Ain’t Shit 4:55

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