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The Demigodz – The Godz Must Be Crazy EP (CD) (2002) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2002, The Demigodz 08.10.2015

This extended EP, the second entry in Ill Boogie’s “Earplug” series, makes one yearn for something lengthier from the New York/Connecticut-based Demigodz, because it is a compressed tour de force that is top-to-bottom dynamite. Apathy and Celph Titled, the duo who spearheads the loose collective, must have paid close attention (as far as vocal and production style is concerned) to Jay-Z and Wu-Tang Clan’s records, because they possess the furtive sense of humor and peerless lyrical skill of the former and the almost archaic, labyrinthine, and self-invented language of the latter. The Demigodz, though, obviously haunt the underground instead of the mainstream; yet unlike a large portion of the undie rap crowd, this music is accessible. The Godz Must Be Crazy tempers an eye-opening brashness with a penchant for side-splitting self-deprecation (sometimes featuring both at once, as on the boisterous freestyle triumph “Off the Chrome”), as well as a tendency to deflate typical hip-hop facades (check “The Demigodz” or the homage to and parody of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic on “Intro”). And the group goes well beyond its pair of catalysts; they are a near-supergroup of up-and-coming luminaries like 7L & Esoteric, Louis Logic, and L-Fudge, all of whom come out slamming here, particularly on the great title posse cut. Slightly overshadowed by all the incomparable rhyme flow is some outstanding, cinematic production work, mostly from Celph Titled.


01 Intro
02 Science Of The Bumrush Vol. 2
03 Captivate/Deactivate
04 The Demigodz
05 Off The Chrome
06 Don’t You Even Go There
07 The Godz Must Be Crazy


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