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Tunnel Rats ‎– The Tunnel Rats (2004) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2004, Tunnel Rats 04.10.2015

Underground rap collective the Tunnel Rats formed in 1993 and challenged the conventions of commercial hip-hop throughout their career. The group’s original approach to rhyming, beat-making, and songwriting made it well-known on the West Coast, appearing on albums by artists such as Mars III, DJ Maj, Coalition, Deepspace 5, and the Grits, not to mention side projects such as LPG, New Breed, and Peace 586. In the early 2000s, the group hooked up with Uprok Records in Seattle for the Tunnelvision full-length, which featured LPG, New Breed, Sev Statik, Raphi, Zane, and Dert.

This got requested at forum few months ago and as I own this CD I decided to give it a try.
Also, I (Janka-man) use 3 hosts from now on because I heard some of you owe premiums, but when your accounts are expired I would like to switch away from it, because it loves to delete my stuff too fast.

1 Born Again
2 True Underground
3 What You Got
4 Herstory
5 Let The Light Through
6 Never The Less
7 We Just Roll Deep
8 Planet Dok
9 Disposable
10 Misunderstood
11 Typical Tunnel Rat Topic (A)
12 Road To Success
13 Forever Yours
14 Point Taken
15 Slow Your Roll
16 My Name Is Griffin
17 Burn
18 Typical Tunnel Rat Topic (B)
19 Behind Closed Doors
20 Still Standin’

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