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Blufoot – The Old Testament: Book I And Book II (2005) (2CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2005, Blufoot, UK, Various Artists 26.11.2015

Dope 2 CD mix with first CD containing some of your fave US hiphop classics, but CD2 revealing the history of the UK hip-hop.

The Old Testament USA (Book I)

1 Intro
2 Prayer
3 –D.O.C.* Funky Enough
4 –Eazy E* Boys In Da Hood
5 –N.W.A. A Bitch Is A Bitch
6 –N.W.A. Efil 4 Zaggin
7 –X Clan* Grand Verbaliser
8 –X Clan* In The Ways Of The Scales
9 –Brand Nubian Grand Puba, Positive & LG
10 –Brand Nubian All For One
11 –Grand Puba 360 (What Goes Around)
12 –Artifacts Comin’ Thru Ya Fuckin’ Block
13 –Large Proffessor* Just Wanna Chill
14 –Beatnuts* Get Funky (Rmx)
15 –Lord Finesse Return Of The Funky Man (Rmx)
16 –Kieth Murray* The Most Beautiful Thing
17 –Redman Tonites Da Night
18 –Beatnuts* No Equal
19 –Positive K How The Fuck Would You Know
20 –Audio II* Top Billin’
21 –Casual That’s How It Is (Rmx)
22 –Casual Me O Mi O (Rmx)
23 –Camp Lo Swing
24 –Camp Lo Coolie High (Paradise Mix)
25 –Stezo Crazy Noise
26 –Nice & Smooth Down The Line (Guru Verse) Featuring – Guru
27 –Ultimate Force I’m Not Playin’
28 –Smiff & Wesson* Wrekonize
29 –Masta Ace Jeep Ass Nigguh (Bizcapella)
30 –Raidermen Magnetic & Instrumental
31 –Kurious I’m Kurious
32 –N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton
33 –Tim Dog Step To Me
34 –Ice Cube Amerikkka’a Most Wanted
35 –Ice Cube Gangsta’s Fairytale
36 –Terminator X & Sista Souljah* Buck Whylin’
37 –Public Enemy Your Gonna Get Yours
38 –Jungle Brothers On The Run
39 –Kool G. Rap & Polo* Poison
40 –Showbiz & A.G. Soul Clap
41 –Diamond D Fuck What Ya Heard
42 –Special Ed The Mission
43 –Gangstarr* Take A Rest
44 –Fat Joe Flow Joe
45 –Boot Camp Click* Bucktown
46 –Boot Camp Click* Gotcha Open
47 –Diamond D You Can’t Front (Sadat Verse) Featuring – Sadat X
48 –Just Ice* Gangsta Of Hip Hop
49 –Slick Rick & Doug.E.Fresh* La Di Da Di
50 –Kool G. Rap & Polo* Ill Street Blues
51 –CNN* Calm Down
52 –Artifacts Ultimate (Showbiz Remix)
53 –Redman Tonite’s Da Night (Orig)
54 –Erick Sermon Safe Sex (Rmx)
55 –Kieth Murray* Get Lifted
56 Outro

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The Old Testament UK (Book II)

1 Intro
2 –Rapologist* Hip Hop Beat Featuring – MC Master C
3 –Derek B Human Time Bomb
4 –Derek B We Got Juice
5 –Outlaw Posse Stop The Negativity
6 –MC Mello* Our Time
7 –Demon Boyz North Side
8 –Demon Boyz Glimity Glamity
9 –London Posse Gangster Chronicle
10 –London Posse Money Mad
11 –MC Duke Phat Skillz
12 –Sindecut   Demanding Cycle Of A Word Bound Hammerhead
13 –Gunshot  Battle Creek Brawl
14 –Gunshot  25 Gun Salute
15 –Hardnoise Untitled
16 –Silver Bullet Bring Fourth The Guillotine
17 –Caveman I’m Ready
18 –Points Proven On The Mic Featuring – Fly
19 –Cash Crew Back For More
20 –Cash Crew Taxi
21 –Hijack Style Wars
22 –Hijack Don’t Go With Strangers
23 –Dynametrix Class Dismissed
24 –Blade Mind Of An Ordinary Citizen
25 –Son Of Noise Crazy Mad Flow
26 –Scientists Of Sound Step On Stage
27 –Katch 22 Reverse World
28 –Overlord X X Versus The World
29 –London Posse How I Make Papes
30 –London Posse Hows Life In London
31 –London Posse Pass Me The Rizla
32 –MC Mello* Subtraction
33 –Hardnoise Mice In The Presence Of A Lion
34 –Standing Ovation Onslaught
35 –Overlord X Weapon Is My Lyric

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MP3 320
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