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DL Incognito – A Sample And A Drum Machine (CD) (2002) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2002, Canada, DL Incognito 08.11.2015

DL Incognito - A Sample and A Drum MachineDespite the fact that the purity of early 90’s hip-hop has been forever lost and the current “all about the money” trend is not about to disappear any time soon, the new school of Canadian hip hop is on the rise. In a country where most artists remain independent, DL Incognito’s been able to master his craft, marvelously in the underground. It’s been eight years since DL Incognito wrote his first verse, but his passion for music remains the same. His distinctive voice and metaphorically driven rhymes are both witty and powerful. With a plethora of musical influences ranging from Common to Jay-Z, DL’s sound is refreshing for any real hip-hop fan. With opening credit for The Roots, Boot Camp, Choclair and many others on his resume, the founder of Nine Planets Hip Hop® is ready to take his music worldwide. With his debut album “A Sample And A Drum Machine”, DL Incognito has more then the necessary weapons required to win the battle against the mind-numbing hip hop that plagues our airways. DL creates quality hip-hop music…


01. Intro
02. Fire Power
03. Cool, Calm & Relaxed
04. Savoir Faire feat. Mic Check
05. Spit Forever 2 feat. Tara Chase
06. Anticipation
07. Universal Love feat. D-Shade
08. Incognito Interlude
09. 90 Degrees Listen
10. Spit Forever
11. What Dreams Are Made Of feat. Tara Chase
12. Head Rush
13. There’s Something
14. Audio Coke
15. Rugged Raw feat. DJ Grouch


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320 kbps – Datafile

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