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Inja – Suffering In Silence (2004) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2004, Inja, UK 07.11.2015 (2004): ”Inja releases his first solo LP on his own label, following the EP of the same name dropped earlier this year. The rapper/producer does things well, with no major vocal featurings, but plenty of dope producers passing through including Nappa, Skuff from Delegates of Culture, Nu Tone and Toeman… Representing Cambridge thoroughly this is by far one of the best UK LP I’ve heard this year. You can tell it’s not been rushed and that the music and lyrics haven’t just been thrown together to see what fits. Overall the album is really diverse and keeps your interest and head bopping by floating from one vibe to the next without spreading itself too thin either… Inja himself also drops some of his own productions. Highlights include ‘Troubles Go’ with its classic raggae sample and boom bap beat and flow, ‘Fuck U’ with its expletive chorus, ‘Deep Breath’ with its quirky, electronic b-line and woozy feel (you’ll get it when you listen to it) and ‘Truly Deep’ with its soulful vibes and backing vocals. Inja’s vocals, much like the productions, are also on point and kept diverse, fitting perfectly on each track without sounding forced. His flow neatly fitting on top of the beat, and his voice adapting to each vibe. Again without going on about it too much, the diversity of this LP and its overall quality is really its strongest point. This is hip hop at its best, it’s not just because it’s UK that you should buy it, but because it’s f*ckin good! I can’t really say more then go out now and buy this LP! You won’t be disappointed and I really hope that Inja keeps it going and continues to drop quality releases like this. Whatever happens he has definitely landed an excellent first LP that will make many envious but more then anything will make many more listeners and fans happy. Do not sleep on this people!”

1 Pictures
2 Fuck U
3 Truly Deep Featuring – Little Miss May
4 Skit 3
5 Deep Breath
6 What’s The Point
7 Same Story
8 Oh Yeah
9 Baddness
10 Skit 2
11 Little Letter
12 Suffering
13 Troubles Go
14 Till It’s Done

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