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Madchild – Dope Sick (CD) (2012) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2012, Canada, Madchild 02.11.2015

Madchild - Dope Sick

Madchild of Swollen Members, was on a kamikaze run with the drug oxycontin that had pushed him to the brink of oblivion. Madchild had finally hit rock bottom. His drug addiction had spiraled out of control and destroyed everything the successful emcee had worked so hard to buildwith is platinum selling hip-hop group Swollen Members. The fancy cars, lavish houses and rock star luxuries were all gone, as his addiction had consumed over 3 million dollars worth of assets and finances in just over four years.

Clean from drugs for the first time in his adult life Madchild removed himself from temptation by walking away from his previous social life and bunkering down in his home studio secluded from the outside world. For the next 10 months, Madchild feverishly wrote and recorded his first ever solo album, ‘Dope Sick’.

Not only is ‘Dope Sick’ a story of triumph over adversity but it has allowed Madchild to be reborn creatively. Unshackled from the chains of his past indiscretions Madchild has confronted his darkest emotions and used them as a source of inspiration to create one of the most insanely captivating hip-hop releases of 2012.


01. Devil’s Rejects Ft. DJ Revolution
02. Grenade Launcher Ft. Slaine & Prevail
03. Monster
04. Runaway
05. Oxylude
06. Wake Up
07. Battleaxe Ft. Dilated Peoples, Bishop Lamont & D-Sisive
08. Jitters Ft. Dutch Robinson & Matt Brevner
09. Little Monster Blend
10. Judgement Day Ft. Sophia Danai
11. Dickhead
12. Fuck Madchild Ft. Phil The Agony
13. Mongoloid
14. Freak
15. Reaper
16. Wanted


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320 kbps – Datafile

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