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Moka Only – Lime Green (CD) (2001) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2001, Canada, Moka Only 10.11.2015

Moka Only - Lime Green

“Am I really crazy?” Moka Only asks himself on “Magnitude.” The answer appears to be no. This Vancouver native’s lyrics may be introspective but they’re not particularly dark or disturbing, and his loose, self-assured, seemingly effortless flow seems better suited to a summer barbecue than an asylum. This self-assurance may be the result of his extensive experience in the West Coast (of Canada) scene, including both solo projects and work with artists such as Prevail (with whom he formed the duo Split Sphere) and Len (a guest spot on Can’t Stop the Bum Rush). Lime Green, his first full-length release with worldwide distribution, features a classic undergroup hip-hop feel that may appeal to fans of De La Soul, Freestyle Fellowship, and Common. Moka, who produced most of the album himself, is comfortable with a smooth melodic groove; the songs are catchy and appealing although the jazzy piano, cheesy synths, bouncy basslines, and two-part harmonies may be too sugary for some listeners. The guest appearances by Sun Spot Jonz, Abstract Rude, Perfect Strangers, LMNO, and Swollen Members add some rigor to his sound, but their styles don’t quite mesh with the beats and their presence doesn’t quite fit the personal tone of this project. Despite its flaws, however, this album is an appealing introduction to a talented performer.


01. Magnitude
02. Skeletons
03. Not The Man I Used To Know (Feat. Sunspot Jonz)
04. Rolling Along (Feat. Abstract Rude)
05. Ferry Tales
06. Live It
07. Formula Fresh (Feat. Mad Child)
08. Imagine Me
09. Invisible
10. Team Work (Feat. LMNO)
11. Expedition
12. August Asphalt
13. Dawn Light
14. Crunch (Feat. Swollen Members)
15. Been There


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320 kbps – Datafile

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