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Resin Dogs – More Or Less (CD) (2008) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2008, Australia, Resin Dogs 08.11.2015

Resin Dogs - More Or Less

It’s been a whole year since the Resin Dogs released the ‘More’ LP in 2007. Having received critical acclaim from the media and their peers alike, the huge success of ‘More’ has paved the way for the ‘More or Less’ LP. This new project is a collaboration between the Resin Dogs and a heap of the best Hip Hop producers and DJ’s from Australia and abroad who have given their own spin to their pick of the tracks from ‘More’.

The ‘More’ LP itself is a who’s who of collaborators with the likes of ARIA Award winning Hau (Koolism), Demolition Man, N’FA, BluRum13, Haiku De’Tat and Abstract Rude. This tradition continues in style on ‘More or Less’ with the selection of producers who have been enlisted to remix tracks. Two Fresh, the freshest brotherhood in dance, Plutonic Lab, whose production skills have featured on over fifty LPs/Singles & EPs on a variety of labels. All round Roots, Reggae and Jazz master Chasm, who has recently worked with his crew ‘Astronomy Class’ on the critically acclaimed ‘Exit Strategy’ and DJ DeNorthwode, more than just a party DJ, his extensive production credits include F&D, A-love, Spikey Tee, Brad Strut, Shin-ki-row, Lazy Grey, Brothers Stoney, and 2Dogs. He also runs the Crookneck Lab; an underground studio in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide that produces Aussie Hip Hop.

‘More or Less’ is a gigantic cut above the regular run of the mill remix albums. The calibre of artists that this project has attracted is the first indication of just how special ‘More or Less’ is going to be. As remixes for the project first started seeing the light of day, it was evident that quality material would be shining through on this album. ‘Peace and Love’ was always a crowd favourite making it an easy choice as the first single from ‘More or Less’.

Enriched by the distictive vocals of Demolition Man, ‘Peace and Love’ is already a bowl of beats that keeps you moving. Add in a little bit of Two Fresh magic and you have a very spicy remix of ‘Peace and Love’ that will be taking over dance floors quicker than John Travolta in Boogie Nights. As a timely reminder that the Resin Dogs are not taking a break from delivering A Grade entertainment, keep your ears open for a few more very exciting instalments in the ‘More or Less’ saga.


01. Thunder (Barkin Soul Mix)
02. Coming With The Sound (Plutonic Lab Mix)
03. Definition (Thief Mix)
04. End Game (Studio Furnace Mix)
05. Fat Cap (DJ Katch Mix)
06. Fine Mess (Si Fixion Mix)
07. A Destructive Circle (Denorthwode Mix)
08. Peace N Love (Two Fresh Mix)
09. 2sides (Feat. JSD And MC Wrec)
10. Nasty (Chasm Mix)
11. Move Up (Omi Anti Mix)
12. Massive (Feat. N’FA And OEC)
13. Caught Up (Rock B Mix)


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320 kbps – Datafile

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