Scarub – One For The Road Vol. 1 (CD) (2006) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Scarub - One For The Road

Limited edition CD of unreleased songs Scarub recorded at various times and places, featuring production by Mils, Eligh, Headnodic of Crown City Rockers, Knows and Scarub. In the liner, Scarub breaks it down song by song and where the beats came from, how songs were conceptualized, etc. Something cool to check for, this album is like Scarub’s work, different with his own taste and feel.

1 Road Intro
2 The Telling
3 Just A Lil Bit
4 Road Rage
5 I Rock You
6 Escape
7 Jam On This
8 Fucking With My High
9 Dreams In Indigo
10 Hitch Hiker’s Guide
11 Keep On Stepping
12 Close To You


FLAC – Datafile

320 kbps – Datafile

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