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Sensational – Corner The Market (CD) (1999) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1999, Sensational 03.11.2015

Sensational - Corner The Market

Sensational’s sophomore effort, Corner the Market boasts clearer production values — and thus, more intelligible lyrics — than its predecessor, although the hazy, lo-fi futuristic style is still very much in evidence, as is the (intentional?) sloppiness. Sensational’s own chaotic flow adds to the record’s odd, disturbing, and paranoid vibe, maintaining his position as a rapper who — love him or hate him — sounds like very few others.


1 Sewin Up Avenues
2 Excitement
3 Excellence Makes Wack Irrelevant
4 Disco Lights
5 High Tech Issues
6 Chunky Buds
7 Dope Man
8 Feeling Satisfaction
9 Comin With The Hits
10 Unfaded (The Famous)
11 Indentification
12 Keep You On Ya Toes
13 Stylin Stylin
14 Format All That
15 Music You Wanna Hear
16 Private Party
17 Sounds Like It
18 Interlude
19 Tasty Recipes
20 Never Wack
21 What I Like To See


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320 kbps – Datafile

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