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Sensational – Heavyweighter (CD) (2000) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2000, Sensational 03.11.2015

Heavyweighter Cover

Even by underground hip-hop standards, Sensational is a truly unusual artist. It’s not just his raspy, unmelodic voice, which he makes even more unnerving by running it through echo chambers and recording it in what appears to be a cardboard box. Nor is it his beats, which are utterly devoid of melody or, when a melody is provided, without exception creepy and ominous (such as in “The Best” or “Sittin’ On Top”). It’s that even with his quirky experimentalism, several of his songs still cover standard hip-hop concerns, what with boasting about his record sales in “The Best,” bragging about his income in “Extravaganza,” and proclaiming himself the king of hip-hop in “Sittin’ On Top.” All of which begs the question: Who is this album meant for? Underground hip-hop fans will be puzzled by the lyrics, which aren’t too different from the standard bling-bling of mainstream hip-hop (like Jay-Z) while mainstream hip-hop fans will be alienated by the defiantly unmelodic and spare music. Sensational is too talented an MC (and producer) to ignore, but with its idiosyncratic beats seemingly mismatched with out-of-place lyrics, Heavyweighter is really an acquired taste.


01 Style Indiglo
02 Club Selection
03 Paper Chase
04 Capital Account
05 Other Side Of The Black Hole
06 The Best
07 Extravaganza (feat. Baby Tragic)
08 Sittin’ On Top
09 Tearin’ It Up
10 For The Playa Haterz
11 In My Town
12 Perfecta Muthafucka
13 Every Freak Desire
14 What I Got U Need
15 Give It To Me


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320 kbps – Datafile

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