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The 57th Dynasty – The Spoken Word (1999) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1999, The 57th Dynasty, UK 03.11.2015

The 57th Dynasty (often styled as 57 Dynasty) is a British hip hop group hailing from Brixton, London. Active from 1997 to 2003 and reformed in 2014 by its two founding members, Charlie “Parker” Bucknall and Marcus “Paradise” Dawes. The eight-man collective described by Rago Magazine as a super group, won Best UK Hip Hop Act, UK Hip Hop Awards and were nominated for both MOBO and Urban Music Awards.Through their indie imprint, FAS FWD Entertainments, the group independently manufactured, produced and distributed a vast catalogue of music which includes, one mixtape, two studio albums, EPs, dubplates and ground-breaking singles. Often touted as the UK’s WuTang Clan, the group have collaborated on recordings and live shows with a wide variety of artists in many musical genres. The 57th Dynasty’s original musical style was a mixture of Hip hop, Bashment, Jungle, and Spoken Word, components of this musical mix subsequently became an early form of a new genre of music dubbed Grime.

The 57th Dynasty first gained acclaim with their independent debut album, The Spoken Word. With no major label backing, the group sold CDs on street corners and out their cars. Recognised as a landmark album; singles “Lil Bro” “Love of Hip Hop” “Still I Rise” and “Boro 6” were mainstay on underground pirate radio stations.

Following the success of The Spoken Word, and with the emergence of grime music, The 57th Dynasty’s sophomore album, Boro 6 Vol. 2 – A Dynasty Truly Like No Other would serve as a platform to showcase the talents of other British artists and styles of music. The collaboration rich album reached high popularity with its lead single, “Break Free” featuring then unsigned R&B singer, Estelle. The 57th Dynasty would become the first UK Hip hop group to be featured in The Source Magazine. The group also famously feuded with Jay Z. They were highly influential in shaping the landscape of British urban music, not simply for rivalling the majors, but they sat alongside and influenced policy makers and representatives from media companies.

1 Conference Intro 1:20
2 Boro 6 4:40
3 Urban Blues Pt 1 [Featuring] – Juvanile Ruckasz 4:09
4 Rich Man / Poor Man 4:47
5 Jenny Francis Link Up 0:43
6 Love Of Hip Hop 5:33
7 Words, Power & Sound 3:52
8 Pattern 57 4:52
9 Still I Rise 4:27
10 Pharoh Intellect 4:53
11 Et Tu? 4:50
12 Learning Process 1 1:14
13 Each One 5:04
14 Good & Evil 4:26
15 Phuckin’ W The Dynasty 6:27
16 Boomerang 4:52
17 Learning Process 2 0:48
18 Lil’ Bro 4:24
19 Outtro 0:51

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