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The Black Opera – Protect The Code (WEB) (2015) (320 kbps)

The Black Opera - Protect The Code

When The Black Opera first began their musical emergence, their main objective was getting their listeners to “Spread The Warning”. Now that the warning has been spread and exposed by listeners and fans dedicated enough to be recruited by TBO, The Black Opera urges those in the know to “Protect The Code”. The Black Opera’s art is not made for the masses. The Black Opera’s messages are subliminally hidden, sometimes in plain site, for the new leaders and creators of the future to digest and use for motivation. Now that The Black Opera has evolved into a label they are preparing their collective for a new era of musical experiments and demonstrations.


01. Protect The Code (Endtro) feat. CallMekyLA
02. All’s Well That Ends Well
03. We Just Having Fun feat. Obie Iyoha
04. Somethin Outta Nuthin
05. Real Rap feat. T. Calmese
06. Everything’s Black feat. Tia P, Obie Iyoha & ChaunSay Mackin’
07. 90z Baby feat. Scolla & Ro Spit
08. Choices feat. T. Calmese
09. Dojo feat. Obie Iyoha
10. Black Hoodies feat. Tia P, ChaunSay Mackin’ & Obie Iyoha
11. Faces Of Death feat. Guilty Simpson & Invincible
12. Hood Ornaments feat. Johnny Void & Opio
13. Milk And Honey Land feat. Black Spade
14. Before The Sun Falls feat. Obie Iyoha
15. Sacred Cow feat. Obie Iyoha & Johnny Void


320 kbps – Datafile

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