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12 Block – MIST: Movin Island Style Thorough EP (Vinyl) (2014) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

12 Block, 2014 05.12.2015


Completely produced by Dj Nastee, 6 unreleased tracks recorded from Sept 1994 to Feb 1995. 12 Block is Dj Nastee, Taste The Terror, and A Math. Taste is the guy from Hard 2 Obtain. Dj Nastee did some production and engineering for Hard 2 Obtain and Terror Green among many others. A Math was well known as one of the nastiest emcees on LI but when H2O was about to start recording, A Math had to go down south to finish his education.
A couple years later, A Math returns and joins Taste and Nastee in the studio and a few months later came this 6 track beast of a demo. Like so many other gems, no big labels wanted to invest and it wound up on the shelf. Almost 20 years later, it’s been mastered and laid to 150 Gram thick vinyl and it bangs!!


A1. If It’s On Like That (C’mon)
A2. Movin’ Island Style Thorough (M.I.S.T.)
A3. Tha East (Basment Stages)
B1. 4 Everybody
B2. Anything
B3. It Ain’t Nuthin’


FLAC – Datafile

320 kbps – Datafile

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