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Baby J Presents – Birth (CD) (1998) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1998, Baby J, UK, Various Artists 24.12.2015

Baby J - Birth

Released in 1998, Birth is the brainchild of British producer Baby J, and finds him enlisting lyrical assistance from a dozen different emcees, mostly from various boroughs of New York City. Sonically, his style is heavily influenced by classic-era RZA and 4th Disciple (not a bad thing at all), heavy on the dirty drums, off-key samples, and a generally spooky, grimy vibe. The featured rappers are mostly obscure in name, but come on surprisingly strong on the mike, with passionate rhymes that touch on family, war, love, hate, and loyalty. The more established vocalists include Poetic (from Gravediggaz), who shines on “Savior,” one of the best tracks on here, as well as fellow Wu-Tang affiliate Shabazz The Disciple who appears on several cuts, most notably “The Lambs Blood.” Other winners include “Walk With A Bopa” with A-Alikes, and the reflective “Focus,” featuring Freestyle of the Arsonists.


1. Intro
2. A-Alikes – For My Army
3. Poetic – Savior
4. Shaqueen – Truth (feat. Omen & Shabazz The Disciple)
5. Knowledge Scientifik Cipher – The God In Man
6. Kinzmen – Unseen Hand
7a. Celestial Souljahz – War Trilogy (P.O.W. (Projects Of War))
7b. Celestial Souljahz – War Trilogy (M.I.A. (Militia Incarcerated Arsonist))
7c. Celestial Souljahz – War Trilogy (Ambush)
8. Freestyle – Focus (feat. B. Mohammad)
9. Bless – Threat Of Allegiance
10. Yogi – Pressure
11. Fire – Fire Water
12. A-Alikes – Walk With A Bop
13. Yogi – Angels Of Death (feat. Freestyle, Poetic & Shabazz The Disciple)
14. G-Force – How Long?
15. Shabazz The Disciple – The Lambs Blood
16. DJ Noize – Outro


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