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Copywrite – The Rarities (CD) (2010) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2010, Copywrite 06.12.2015

Copywrite - The Rarities


01 Agent-O Freestyle
02 Non-Fiction (feat. Camu Tao, Cool Ray Slick, Flu-Kat)
03 Bubble Gum Crisis (feat. Camu Tao, Cool Ray Slick, Flu-Kat, PaPa Smurf, Phizz Ed)
04 Hmmm…Brilliant (feat. Fill In The Blank Frank, Jakki Da Mota Mouth, PRZM)
05 Sunday Night At Mom’s (feat. Camu Tao, Cool Ray Slick aka Aqwords, Jakki Da Mota Mouth)
06 Weather Report (feat. Cage)
07 ToTo’s Shit
08 Ya Time’s Up (feat. Bru Lei, PRZM)
09 Gut You (Original Demo Version) (feat. Camu Tao & Yak Ballz)
10 Hellsent (feat. Jakki Da Mota Mouth, Prime)
11 Forbidden Scriptures (feat. Breeze Evahflowin, Camu Tao, Jakki Da Mota Mouth, Vakill)
12 Anti-Heros (feat. Mr. Eon)
13 EC Allstars (feat. Cage, Camu Tao, J-Zone, Mad Skillz, Mr. Eon, Tame One)
14 The Only Weathermen Song (feat. Cage, Jakki Da Mota Mouth, Tage Future, Vast Aire, Yak Ballz)
15 Same As It Never Was (feat. Camu Tao, El-P, Masai Bey, Vast Aire)
16 What You Say (feat. Camu Tao, Vast Aire)
17 With Us (feat. Cage)
18 June (Remix)
19 The Real Fake Shady (Remix)


FLAC – Datafile

320 kbps – Datafile

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