Dark Forest – Save The Trees 1995-1997 EP (Vinyl) (2014) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Dark Forest - Save The Trees EP

Here we have a 6 track EP of 1996-1997 material from Queens cats Dark Forest. Producer Mike Grier aka DJ Panda put together the project using funds from his writing credit on Snow’s “Informer” track which Grier wrote with MC Shan around 1992. It was several years after writing the beat and not even getting a credit, that a friend of Mike’s, who worked at Green Street Studios, hooked him up with a music industry lawyer after the Snow track became a worldwide hit. He won the case and for years Mike would receive a royalty cheque for his contribution to the song and around 1995 he put some money into the project he was currently working on. He set up the Dark Forest crew, originally with his brother and cousin and over a few years added more local MC’s. He brought in his next door neighbour and MC called Bobby Grey and his friend Skurge, as well as some round the way rappers. In 1996 he pressed up 300 copies of the “The Region/Shhh” 12″ on his own label Jusmik and sold them on consignment, mostly to Queens mom and pop stores. Following on from the Snow/Sham shadiness, he wanted to do everything himself. Like many Hip Hop projects in the 90’s, there was just one single and the group disbanded and went their separate ways. We have dug out “Shhh” plus 5 other tracks from the cd/cassette only “Save The Trees” album for this 6 track on Chopped Herring which rounds off the April releases very nicely.


A1. Bobby Grey & Mr Skurge – Shhh!
A2. Fallen Angel & Sugar – Garden Of Evil
A3. Giovanni & Black Male – Hoods At Birth
B1. Bobby Grey, Mr Skurge, K.O. & Johnny Dills – Sunshowers
B2. Bobby Grey & One A.M. – Ready To Fight
B3. Bobby Grey, Dj Panda & Willy Styles – Wild Whiskey Winos


FLAC – Datafile

320 kbps – Datafile

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