DJ Zirk – Underworld (CD) (2002) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

DJ Zirk - Underworld

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01. Anna 4 Ya Hoez (feat. Kilo G)
02. Too Thick (feat. Tom Skeemask & Buck Shot)
03. Strap Wit Them Thangz (feat. Buck Shot & Primo)
04. DJ Squeeky Skit
05. Supa Straight (feat. Lil Chris, Buck Shot & Primo)
06. Azz Out (feat. Tony Down & Kilo G)
07. Real Niggaz (feat. Gunsta, Don Trigga, Lil Real, Goldie & Primo)
08. Just Be Me (feat. Chemiztry & Kyllah)
09. Mind Blowin` (feat. Mr. Tinimaine, Lil Kane & Primo)
10. Fuckem All (feat. Gotti, Gangsta D, Don Trigga, Primo, Lil Real, Kane & Mr. Tinimaine)
11. Stay Paid (feat. Don Trigga, Primo, Lil Stick Up, Red Boss & Mr. Tinimaine)
12. 9mm (feat. Primo, Kane & Don Trigga)
13. Letz Make A Stain (feat. Kane, Mr. Tinimaine & Don Trigga)
14. Lockem In Tha Trunk (feat. Tony Down)
15. Born 2 Lose (feat. Buck Shot, Criminal Manne & Primo)
16. Feelin Sick (feat. Mr. Tinimaine)
17. 2 Thick & Orange Juice Click (feat. Chilly D, Tazz & Bonney Mac)


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320 kbps – Datafile

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