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Evil Ed – Edstrumentals Vol.1 (2008) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2004, Evil Ed, UK 09.12.2015

Evil Ed is a Hip Hop producer/DJ from the UK who has been spinning Hip Hop since 1985 and making beats since the early 1990’s. His first release was with his crew Hidden Identity in 1994 and in 1998 he worked alongside Makif on the “Soliloquy Ode” EP. In 1998 Ed teamed up with the YNR Productions label and contributed beats towards Jehst’s debut EP “Premonitions”. Ed worked on the first string of releases on the YNR label including his debut production EP “The Tournament” which featured Task Force and Jehst.
Ed also worked on other early releases by The Microdisiacs, Junior Disprol and also Aspects, remixing their collabo with Quantic entitled “Primate Boogaloo” for the Tru Thoughts label. Ed started his own HID Productions label in 2002 and released his own “Tournament Round 2″ EP, which featured an early vinyl appearance from Yungun, and later released a handful of 7″ and 12” singles.
Ed’s debut LP “The Enthusiast” was released to critical acclaim on the Janomi label in 2004 and featured the cream of UK Hip Hop talent including Kyza, The Colony, Yungun and Ricochet from Universal Soldiers as well as turntablists Mr Thing, DJ Skully, Eddie Skratch and DJ Woody. Ed also recorded and mixed the Universal Soldiers debut LP “Slanguage” at the same time as making “The Enthusiast”.
Ed has been working with London based crew The Colony since 2003 and has contributed production for their releases, especially those of emcee Conspicuous (The Coroner) including the singles “Write A Song For Me” feat, Shameless and “Focussed” feat. UK soul legend Shaun Escoffery. Ed also produced the track “Can You Hear It?!” for Conspicuous’ 2007 LP “The Family Photo Album” on Sit Tight Records and “Field Of Dreams” for Asaviour’s “Borrowed Ladder” LP on Lowlife Records.
Ed produced tracks for Ric Branson’s “No Pressure” CD, rleased on the Tongue Tied label in 2007 and shortly after also released “The Get Together” with Conspicuous and “Edstrumentals Vol.1” on the Ottomanelf Music label.
Ed has released records and live mix CD’s with turntablist K-Delight on the Playin’ Around label as well as a number of solo mix CD’s. Following a remix for Obba Supa on Berlin’s Project Mooncircle label in 2009 he started a new label with Obba Supa producer/MC Hey! Zeus called Chakra Sounds. ‘Edstrumentals Vol.2’ dropped as a digital release in late 2010 and new releases for the label as well as other projects/guest production and remixes are in progress.

1 The Tournament 4:08
2 A New Way Of Thinking 3:47
3 The Art Of Celebration 4:32
4 Alright/OK 3:58
5 Bonus Beat 1 0:50
6 Weed 4:39
7 Body Talk (Unreleased) 2:31
8 Back Up 3:39
9 Field Of Dreams 2:14
10 Bonus Beat 2 1:13
11 Great Expectations 3:56
12 Write A Song For Me 5:20
13 Nico Suave 2:55
14 Blue (Unreleased) 4:13
15 Bonus Beat 3 0:56
16 No Pressure 3:45
17 Playin’ The Game 3:56
18 Blocks (Unreleased) 2:51
19 Alien 3:48
20 Bonus Beat 4 2:00

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