InI Mighty Lockdown – New Day (CD) (2009) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

INI Mighty Lockdown - New Day

In this high-tech wasteland, music has become a distraction rather than a tool for upliftment and satisfaction…well all bad things must come to an end. Thus the emergence of InI Mighty Lockdown–King Negus and Jolomite, survivors of the fittest, a fixture of the New York Underground Hip-Hop scene since the early nineties. Starting with the groundbreaking InI single Faking Jax, produced by DJ Pete Rock and Mighty Lockdowns weekly underground performances in New Yorks East Village they made a recognizable mark on Hip Hops conscious scene. In late 1995 InI & MLD was reborn as InIMLD.


1 New Day Intro
2 I Rise
3 Ghetto Livin (feat. M-1)
4 Lifetime
5 Sweetstuff
6 Keep It Moving (K.I.M.)
7 Good & Bad Interlude
8 1804 Regime
9 Nuke Em Interlude
10 Amerikkka (Illegal Business)
11 The Gov’t/Devil Interlude
12 Oh My God (OMG)
13 Darling
14 It’s A New Day Interlude
15 How Many Times
16 Ghetto Living Reprise Outro


FLAC – Datafile

320 kbps – Datafile

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