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Kid Koala – Some Of My Best Friends Are DJ’s (CD) (2003) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

2003, Kid Koala 04.12.2015

Kid Koala - Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs

Remember back in late 1999 when everyone thought the world was going to end at midnight Dec 31st. Well thankfully Kid Koala didn’t believe any of that hokum, so rather then spending all his time at the grocery store stocking up on canned goods and Twinkies, he was in the studio putting the finishing touches on this debut masterpiece “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”. How hype was that record? How many other people have had Rolling Stone phoning up wanting to do a feature on an artist who hadn’t ever released anything. Sure he’d already been on the road with the Beastie Boys and dropped what was basically the best mix tape ever….

And well, you remember, the world didn’t come to an end and early 2000 his debut came out. Now it could be argued that the reason it sold so well is because everyone had bought enough food to last them through the millenium disaster and therefore had lots of disposable income at the start of 2000, or maybe it was his worldwide headlining tour, his opening slot on the Radiohead North American tour, being 1/3rd of Deltron 3030, completing a 300 page comic book for ECW Press complete with CD soundtrack, the subsequent book tour with its unique audio-visual cabaret flavour, the opening slot on the recent Ben Harper tour, hundreds of one-off gigs…your starting to get the picture right…a dedicated multi-talented creative maniac.

It all leads up to this point, his 2nd full length “Some Of My Best Friends Are DJ’s”. It’s the Koala you know and love, a turntablised soundtrack of more antics of the cranky and mysterious characters from Kid Koala’s comic book land of Nufonia. This album is far less dense and weird than the debut, but still a strange stew. A cross between his first mix tape and his debut record. More short attention span theatre covering ground that ranges from jazz standards as played by drunken horn players from New Orleans, funeral marches involving crickets, ska tracks that Byron Lee could have never imagined, some straight up instrumental hip-hop stompers, behind the scenes looks at his previous hits, and lovely odes to lonely office girls on vacation.


1. Strat Hear
2. Basin Street Blues
3. Radio Nufonia
4. Stompin’ at Le Savoi
5. Space Cadet 2
6. Grandmaphone Speaks
7. Skanky Panky
8. Flu Season
9. Robochacha
10. Elevator Hopper
11. Annie’s Parlor
12. Bonus Materials: On the Set of Fender Bender
13. More Dance Music
14. Vacation Island
15. Negatron Speaks


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