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King Giddra – 影 EP (CD) (1996) (320 kbps)

1996, Japan 10.12.2015

King Giddra ‎– 影

The King Giddra were an Hip-Hop trio composed by K-Dub Shine (MC), DJ Oasis (Dj) and Zeebra (MC). Formed in 1993, they debuted in 1995 under the P-Vine with Sora Kara No Chikara. After the singles, the group stopped until the releasing of Saishuu Heiki and the remix version of the album. In 2003 the group disbanded. Are considered one of the pioneer Hip-Hop groups like RHYMESTER, Buddha Brand and others.

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1 行方不明 (DJ Kensei’s Smooth Mix)
2 重要参考人が見た犯行現場 (feat. T.A.K The Rhymehead)
3 真実の弾丸 (Flute Mix)
4 地獄絵図 ~ AOZの視点 ~
5 空からの力 (Mind Funk Remix)


320 kbps – Datafile

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