Mark B – Underworld Connection (1997) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

John Bush @allmusic: ”Recorded for DJ Vadim’s stellar label Jazz Fudge, Underworld Connection contains all the usual abstract hip-hop clichés: shrieking ’50s strings, ’60s spy music, and ’70s funk with incredibly obscure spoken-word bits. Fortunately, Mark B has a way with his studio gear, and he tweaks the mix until it becomes quite a unique work.”

1 Underworld Connection 7:29
2 Grave Secrets (The Trade Secrets) 1:38
3 Corridors Of Power 3:25
4 Intermediate Psycology 3:09
5 Level Test (Live) Level One 5:30
6 Subliminal Access 2:34
7 Level Test (Live) Level Two 4:51
8 Inter(Outer)mission 0:56
9 Track Nine 1:06

MP3 320

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