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Steve Coleman & Metrics – A Tale Of 3 Cities: The EP (CD) (1994) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

1994, Germany, Steve Coleman And Metrics 31.12.2015

Steve Coleman and Metrics - A Tale of 3 Cities

Developing original methods of vocal prosody and musical improvisation within unique nested looping structures is the foundation upon which the Metrics concept is built. Metrics is an amalgam of futuristic vocal and instrumental improvisations layered over a shifting base of street-style African based polyrhythms, redefining the structural ideas of earlier pioneers of African-American music. This concept is the result of a desire to play creative dance music based on the living experiences of African-American people and the African Diaspora. These ideas are the result of brain-storming among musicians, producers and rappers based in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago and Oakland. The influence of several distinct regions results in a broad-based mixture with a distinct flavor.

A main goal of the artists involved in Metrics is to use the power of creative music to help in the process of true world unification. To that end steps are now being taken to connect with creative artists from different countries worldwide in an effort to project truth music. The current experimental trends in London, Italy, West Africa, etc. are examples of creative people pulling together with similar visions. Metrics is a significant contribution to these movements.

This is a music for adventurous souls who desire to explore the possibilities that 21st Century music has to offer.


01. Be Bop
02. I Am Who I Am
03. Science
04. Get Open
05. Slow Burn
06. Left To Right


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1 comment "Steve Coleman & Metrics – A Tale Of 3 Cities: The EP (CD) (1994) (FLAC + 320 kbps)"

  1. @Pineapple read:

    Opus Akoben dropping heavy rhymes here !!! Best jazz hip hop fusion album recorded in studio here ever. Don’t sleep folks…

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