Ugodz-Illa Presents – The Hillside Scramblers (CD) (2004) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

U-God - Ugodz-Illa Presents  The Hillside Scramblers front


01. Intro
02. Pain Inside (U-God, Black Ice, Leatha Face)
03. Lean Like Me (U-God)
04. Destiny (Leatha Face, INF-Black)
05. Stick Up (INF-Black)
06. Tell Me (Desert Eagle, Leatha Face, INF-Black)
07. Chippin’ and Chop It (U-God, INF-Black, Kawz)
08. Booty Drop (Leatha Face, Autumn Rue)
09. Spit Game (U-God, INF-Black, Leatha Face, Autumn Rue)
10. Ghetto Gutter (U-God, Autumn Rue)
11. Drama (Leatha Face, Kawz, INF-Black, U-God)
12. Take It To The Top (U-God, Desert Eagle, INF-Black, King Just, Leatha Face)
13. KJ Rhyme (King Just)
14. Gang of Gangstas (Black Ice, Desert Eagle, INF-Black, Frank Banger, U-God, Leatha Face, Ja-Mal)
15. Put It On Me (U-God, Autumn Rue)
16. Struggle Ain’t Got No Color (U-God)
17. Here We Come (INF-Black, Leatha Face, U-God)
18. Prayer (U-God, Autumn Rue)


FLAC – Datafile

320 kbps – Datafile

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